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  "Our client is very happy with the tables, especially the quality of the finish."

Pamela, Interior Designer, Truex Cullins (Finn Coffee Table)
  solid oak cocktail table with quartz top    
  *NEW* Phase Table   *NEW* Luna Side Table  
  Finn 36in Round Coffee   Finn 48in Round Coffee  
  Finn Oval Coffee   Finn Side  
  Harris Side   Insight Coffee  
  John Console   *NEW* +Console  
  More Nesting   Rowlands Coffee  
  Petits Fours Console   Petits Fours Coffee/Side  
  Think Puzzle   Too Peace Side  
  Touch Coffee   4x4 Coffee  
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  "We just received our John walnut table. It is gorgeous and we are thrilled"

Nancy, ON (John Table)
  solid walnut dining table with bench  
  *NEW* +Table  
  canto solid walnut round pedestal dining table   solid wood round pedestal dining table  
  Canto   *NEW* Finn Dining Table  
  feast solid wood refectory dining table   insight solid walnut parsons dining table  
  Feast   Insight  
    quinn solid walnut parsons dining table  
  John   Quinn  
  cross solid oak square dining table   think solid walnut round pedestal dining table with glass top  
  Swiss Cross   Think  
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  "I just wanted to let you know how beautiful the night tables and dressers are - so perfectly made - thank you."

Catherine (Architect), Toronto (Petits Fours Dresser)
  oak credenza with quartz top  
  *NEW* Contour Credenza  
  *NEW* Flow Credenza   *NEW* Strata Shelving System  
  Linea Cabinet   Linea Console  
  Linea Dresser   Petits Fours Bedside Table  
  Petits Fours Cabinet   Petits Fours Dresser  
  Petits Fours Tallboy   Rowlands Bedside  
  Rowlands Cabinet   Touch Side  
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  "The use of the smoked grey mirror is very dramatic!"

Kelly H, Interior Designer, MA
  solid wood round mirror  
  *NEW* Rise Mirror  
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  "I inspected all of the chairs and they are absolutely beautiful and really well made. Really love them!"

Cheryl, CA (Ideal Chair)
  upholstered lounge chair with wood frame   upholstered sofa with wood frame  
  *NEW* Adam Lounge Chair   *NEW* Adam Sofa  
  wood dining chair   walnut bar stool  
  Ideal   Ideal Bar Stool  
  wood dining chair   solid wood bench  
  Mary   Quinn Bench  
  wood stool and bench   solid wood bench  
  Petits Fours Bench   Touch Bench  
  solid walnut barstool  
  *NEW* Touch Bar Stool  
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  "The workmanship is lovely and it's so simple to assemble."

Gabrielle, NWT (Petits Fours Bed)
  Argyll   Clyde  
  Petits Fours   Rowlands  
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